Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop with Sharilyn Miller

This is the Wire-Art Jewelry Tutorial you've been looking for!
A fabulous full-day workshop condensed into one 150-minute DVD, Tribal Treasures will quickly take you through all the basic-through-intermediate techniques you need to make beautiful, durable wire-art jewelry.

Chapters include:
• Introduction
• Tools and materials
• Cleaning and polishing wire
• Measuring and cutting wire accurately
• Basic forging (hammering) techniques
• How to make beautiful spiral dangles
• Two different ways to make jump rings
• How to make simple eye-pin loops
• Making single-wrapped eye-pin loops
• Making double-wrapped eye-pin loops
• How to make bead dangles on headpins
• Make your own shepherd's hook earrings
• How to make a practical hook & eye clasp
• Caged beads, and how to make them
• Coiling wire to make beautiful bead wraps
• Assembling your Tribal Treasures bracelet
• Artificially aging jewelry with liver of sulfur
• Polishing jewelry in a tumbler

Rings of Beauty Workshop with Sharilyn Miller

This is a great DVD if you want to make beautiful wire rings!
The running time is approximately two and a half hours, and includes 15 chapters with a fully interactive menu, plus resources.

Chapters include:
• A personal welcome
• Tools and materials
• Safely reaming beads & pearls
• A foundational technique: "Big Twist" rings
• An ancient design: Tibetan rings
• Wraparound-bead rings made with pearls
• How to make the "Bead on a Wire" ring
• Easy-to make overhand knot rings
• How to make tiny toe rings
• "Swirly-Girly" rings made with beads
• Nautilus rings: beautiful coiled wire in copper or silver
• Resizing your finished wire rings
• Artificially aging rings with liver of sulfur
• Tumble-polishing your finished rings

Bonus: Resources with Web links to some of my favorite suppliers of wire, tools, and beads

Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop With Sharilyn Miller

Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop is available to order today!
It's 3-1/2 hours in length, and retails for $29.95.
This particular workshop series on DVD features two necklaces, plus four bracelet designs in the popular "ethnic" style.
The individual components you learn while making each piece can be combined in different ways to make a wide variety of different jewelry pieces.

Chapters include:
• A personal welcome
• Tools, materials & resources
• Using a drill to twist wire and make jump rings
• Double-spiral links used in the Ethnic Coin Necklace
• Figure-8 links in two sizes
• Hammered and textured big leaf charms
• Making big S-clasps
• Copper tubing bead connectors with double-wrapped eye-pin loops
• Huge "Etruscan Spiral" pendants
• Foreign coin charms and using a metal hole punch
• Riveting metal pieces together with copper tacks
• Textured copper washer jump rings
• Assembling the Ethnic Coin Necklace
• Assembling an Ethnic Charm Bracelet
• Assembling an Etruscan Spiral Necklace
• Assembling a “Back to Egypt” Bracelet
• Artificially aging jewelry in liver of sulfur
• Polishing techniques; alternatives to using a tumbler
• Numerous resources for tools and materials
• Web links to helpful online sources
• Close-up, detailed instruction throughout

Bohemian Bangles Bracelet Workshop with Sharilyn Miller

Bohemian Bangles Bracelet Workshop features four different bangle designs plus numerous techniques for making a variety of beautiful bracelets.

Chapters include:
• A personal welcome
• The tools, materials & resources
• Making wire coils of many colors
• Coil-wrapped wire embellishments
• Spiral & triangle-spiral charms
• Bead dangles on handmade headpins
• Center-hole coin charms
• Zigzag wire wraps on bangles
• Copper tubing beads
• The Big Hook clasp
• Easy links to use on bracelets
• Assembling Spiral Bangles
• Assembling Easy Beaded Bangles
• Assembling the popular Biker-Chick Bangles
• Assembling Half-Bangle Bracelets
• Artificially aging your bangles in liver of sulfur
• Tumble-polishing your Bohemian Bangles

Plus numerous resources for tools & materials including Web links to helpful online sources! This special workshop on DVD is jam-packed with close-up, detailed instruction, and is nearly FOUR hours long.