Rings of Beauty Workshop with Sharilyn Miller

This is a great DVD if you want to make beautiful wire rings!
The running time is approximately two and a half hours, and includes 15 chapters with a fully interactive menu, plus resources.

Chapters include:
• A personal welcome
• Tools and materials
• Safely reaming beads & pearls
• A foundational technique: "Big Twist" rings
• An ancient design: Tibetan rings
• Wraparound-bead rings made with pearls
• How to make the "Bead on a Wire" ring
• Easy-to make overhand knot rings
• How to make tiny toe rings
• "Swirly-Girly" rings made with beads
• Nautilus rings: beautiful coiled wire in copper or silver
• Resizing your finished wire rings
• Artificially aging rings with liver of sulfur
• Tumble-polishing your finished rings

Bonus: Resources with Web links to some of my favorite suppliers of wire, tools, and beads

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  1. The running time is approximately engagement rings uk two and a half hours, and includes 15 chapters with a fully interactive menu, plus resources.